Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009

1. I want to improve on my prayers.

Reason : I am not perfect. I am only human. But I pray to Allah that I can maintain this resolution for the rest of my life, insyaAllah. I will try my very best not to miss a single solat, insyaAllah.

2. Maintain my weight.

Reason : Every year I intend to gain weight. Believe me, if you see my appetite to eat, you would be surprise why I am still skinny. Sometimes I get tired of people telling me, EEEE KURUSNYER. I tried to ignore those comments, and sometimes membackfire kan to those who saje say that because they know how irritated I would be. But now, I have decided to maintain my weight. (orang kurus sgt tensyen gk bila pakai baju and seluar longgar or tenggelam.. )Eat like normal and then comes my 3rd resolution.

3. Improve on my English : Mastering English has always been my dream. So I will try to read more and discover more writers who has the same feel as I do.

4. Spend more time with family members and friends.

Reason : I have a life. And my life does not consume only shopping or lazing around. I wanna appreciate each and every moment I have with my family members especially. More family gatherings, makan - makan and gurau senda. Karaoke sessions with friends once in a while.

5. Spend wisely

Reason : I need to save up for something that will change my life. seriously. House.


ammy said...

speaking cair looo.....

Selly & Buke said...

ima .. i'm proud of you.. please lead me together k..



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